Lead Generation

Promote reputable financial brokers through advanced and integrated marketing tools to guarantee the highest ROI.


SMS / Email Marketers

Optimized rotators with 100% fill rate


Our clients will monetize your leads trough their call centers

Easily integrate with your favorite tools

Top Marketing performances for those who know!

Media Buyers

Offer-walls & localized reviews with top converting offers.

PPI Offers for your mobile traffic

Mobile Marketers

Offer Walls

Fully integrated with Brokers


Our services are fully integrated with brokers, guaranteeing flawless tracking, real-time performance analysis and optimization

Suitable for search and social media traffic

Our advertisers can buy all your leads via API

Perfect for POP & Domain redirect Traffic


Offers available in over 150 countries.

Marketing tools


Easily integrate with any affiliate tracking platforms.

We constantly add new advertisers to our network to increase the network ROI.

Worldwide reach

Advertisers' pool

Advanced marketing tools to reach all possible audiences.

Some of our advertisers

Our mission is to bring you the best financial trading companies so you can extract the best possible ROI from your traffic.

Verticals and Categories:

Through the course of our history, we have partnered with advertisers who have diversified their product portfolios. Consequently, upon request and approval, our affiliates and publishers can have access to those offers.


We work with established and reputable companies who have proven reliable in all aspects of their operation, sales and marketing. Regulation is a must for any advertiser interested in working with us, which guarantees that your traffic is being handled with the highest standards.

About us:

FXCash is the oldest dedicated forex and financial trading affiliate network. Established in 2007, it has been at the forefront of the industry and is seen by many as the leader in its field.

Tracking and Traffic Management

All our advertisers are integrated through TrackingDesk, one of the best performance marketing solutions available to the market.

Lead Generation:

Our Lead Generation campaigns are available upon request and approval.